MISCELLANEOUS BIENNIAL; more(INTENTIONAL, this time) found objects, in the Oratory;parallel times; and Baltic decrepitude becomes Baltic re-envisionning. BY STEVEN BENSON.

IMG_5958.JPGIMG_5949.JPGIMG_5955.JPGIMG_5948.JPGIMG_5947.JPGIMG_5939.JPGIMG_5931.JPGIMG_5927.JPGIMG_5923.JPGIMG_5890.JPGIMG_5885.JPGIMG_5903.JPGIMG_5922.JPGIMG_5900.JPGIMG_5876.JPGOk, is is a bit of  hodgepodge; but you can tease out some links around disuse, boundaries between art and life(or NO boundaries!),et al


Reminds of (smaller)Antwerp Central station; that roof; so hard to maintain; more seeds of decay already written in; propped up by scaffolding



I  had always thought Liverpool oratory was a

ruin; not so; but then there were these: random unkempt found (“vintage”) objects and litter; turns out they were actually a real, if subliminally intended, parallel “art” exhibition, to counterpoint the constructed “real ” artIMG_5875.JPG



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